Audrey Hepburn


Here is an old picture of Audrey Hepburn I drew in 2006. I’ve always liked the way the highlights on her nose turned out, I can’t remember which eye it was that gave me so much trouble but one of them had to be drawn at least three times, I kept moving it back and forth.

I just started a new picture of her so I thought I’d dust this one off and post it, hopefully I’ll finish the new one before the week is up. I have a lot of other things to do so we’ll see how it goes.


Ziva David


Ziva David from NCIS  11×14  on Canson Mi-Teintes ivory paper. The paper color is a little off in the photo.

I haven’t drew anything in over a month because I’ve been trying to get another project started.  I wanted to start a pencil portrait blog so I posted this picture I drew in March. It’s the last picture I finished but I’ll get back to drawing a few every week.